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What is that slow app really costing you?


Create it here or bring it with you, we will look after it.

Doesn’t matter if your creating new apps or running old ones, Henge System has the resources that scales and adjusts to your demanding business needs. Windows or Linux-based apps will all run on our Virtual Machines flawlessly.

Applications that take advantage of our services provide automatic operating system and service patching, network load balancing, resiliency to hardware failure, and a deployment model that enables you to update your apps without downtime.

Scale up or scale down as needed for a wide range of app hosting scenarios, and only pay for what you use.

Henge Systems provides first line management support of distributed applications to proactively identify and resolve performance issues quickly.


Worried about security in hybrid enviroment?

No need to switch credentials onsite and off site. We use Identity services, access control, and industry standard protocols such as IPSec and SSL to ensure cross compatibility.

Application Performance Management

Real-time User Monitoring

Database Monitoring

Server Monitoring

Application Analytics