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Phone Consultant – We Help With Telco Complaints

Got Complaints? Trouble with Customer Service?

Told you need to upgrade but its not making sense?

We help with Telco Complaints.

We can explain in simple terms what your options are.  You need to be informed to make a proper decision.

Many office still have very old phone systems and these usually need to be upgraded, especially with the change to NBN. Some companies make a real mess of this process and confuse their long standing customers with conflicting information or simply won’t address their concerns or valid questions.  We have even seen them harass  their customers to make them sign new contracts which they don’t understand. We understand this huge frustration and we are happy to calmly and answer any questions you may have so you can make a better decision for your business.

Have you heard about the TIO?  We can explain that also

We can help you divert your phone system to mobile.

Give us a call, have a live chat or send us a message now … even if you have signed a document recently.  It may not be too late. You will be pleasantly surprised what’s possible.

Call us now 02 8030 6902