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Running a server is more complex than ever before.

Running a server is more complex than ever before. A company will loose $120,000 on average when there is any type of downtime. Public cloud, internal and external networks, storage, servers, and applications all combine to deliver productivity for business. Managing such a diverse and complex infrastructure can be a midfield; will all legacy tools help after this seismic shift?

Why not be at the forefront of new technology? Benefit as soon as it happens.


Innovative technologies and new capabilities all bringing endless opportunities to differentiate and develop. The time for change has never been stronger: faster compute, endless storage, new applications all working harmoniously to drive greater efficiency and greater power. This tide of innovations has also added greater complexity since one setup error or bug in this increasingly complex environment means failure of the entire service. New consumer focused cloud-based applications are setting a high standard with built in redundancy fallbacks and so close to 100 percent uptime with scalable performance all while cutting running costs.

Why buy when you can rent?


Businesses now have the capability to eliminate the demand on internal resources and outsource the overhead and risk to an external party. They can now add and subtract capacity in seconds; basically renting compute and storage without the need for an in-house sever. Reducing running creating a hybrid environment: separating applications that thrive in a cloud environment is something to think seriously about.

What is your server costing you?


What is that slow app really costing you? Understanding the basic level of services is fundamental for ensuring the ultimate performance. Application performance is an important factor and should be included in a complete monitoring framework. Application performance along with OS performance can give you insights you would never have known. Don’t stick your head in the sand and let you’re your services suffer, your employees and customers alike will thank you for it.