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Henge Systems Pty Ltd has been in operation since 1993.

We have developed many highly innovative solutions for a range of organisations and government agencies. These have included innovative solutions for the Commonwealth DPP and AFP.

We assisted with the software development and hosting of a communication platform for the worlds top banking executives.

Henge Systems has built software for online membership systems for the Australian Dental Association and other medical associations. We have provided software services to The National Trust of Australia,  Microsoft Australia and many other organisations.

Our experience with computer based preference matching extends back more than 7 years. We have developed and maintained a successful solution for the Post Graduate Medical Council of Victoria which has matched over 50,0000 doctors and nurse graduates to positions in public and private hospitals across Victoria.

In our view, a brilliant technical solution is not the only piece of the puzzle and we aim to always approach problems from many angles to ensure vital steps, logistical concerns or human elements are not overlooked which might jeopardise a project.

We look forward to bringing exciting technological developments to you.