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We understand the importance of your businesses highly sensitive data at Henge systems. We focus on utilising the cloud and remote data centres to keep a backup of applications and data rather than keeping it locally stored at your site. We also specialise in remotely serving applications and data while you are roaming locally or abroad via Remote Desktop Protocol. (RDP)

We make sure that we cover all the latest developments and industry changes, working on a daily basis and keeping up to date on all relevant platforms that are hosted in the cloud. Some popular examples, AWS, Azure, Dropbox, Google Apps & RackSpace. We love to work with companies of all sizes that are interested in utilising the cloud. Ask us how you can save money by utilising the cloud for your business and also enjoy the benefits that follow.

What a couple of clients say about us!

blue_fit_membership_cloud_systemWe use Henge Systems to Host our Point of Sale Software as well as our Payrol Software and VOIP telephone system. As these three systems are critical to our business we were looking for a company that could provide us with maximum up time and total security of our data. Henge systems has provided this for us together with first rate support.

John understands how important these systems are to our business and is very responsive to our calls for support. On the few occasions when we have had issues John has responded immediately and resolved the issues very quickly. In fact on occasion the issue has been with another service provider such as our Internet Service Provider however John has helped us to resolve this issue as well.

If you have systems that are critical to the smooth operation of your business then i have no hesitation in recommending Henge Systems.

Blue fit Gyms - Blue fit Gyms

doctors_faceHenge Systems and the Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria Inc. administers the Computer Matching Service to Victorian hospitals who offer Intern, HMO2, Medical Radiations, Basic Physician Training (BPT) and Graduate Nurse positions and to candidates applying for these posts.

The Computer Matching is purely a mathematical process which matches the preferences of both hospitals and candidates. The algorithm was designed to be impartial to both hospitals/health services and candidates. Hospitals/health services only have candidates removed from their preference lists when a permanent match has been made to a higher priority of that candidate.

PMVC Computer Matchin - PMVC Computer Matching

Let us make it simple for you. Are you lost on where to start? Let us do a free 30 minute server appraisal to make sure you don’t do it twice.