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We can make you guys look even better by:

  • Adding to your current skills and offerings.
  • Collaborating with you to come up with innovating solutions to problems for VOIP, Azure, Backup, Hosting, Remote Desktop and others.
  • Support you if difficult problems arise.  You may need a sounding board, or help coming up with a workaround or permanent solution.

What challenges are you facing today?

  • Are you interested in VOIP and perhaps would explore this and see how it might work for you.
  • Are you having problems with any of your hosting setups or providers
  • Do you use Remote Desktop and needs some assistance with performance or migration to Azure?
  • If you have not looked into Remote Desktop and you have Windows applications  that are old and becoming a pain to install on workstations then perhaps Remote Desktop will be a great solution for this.  Or perhaps you want people to be able to access these from remote locations securely?
  • Do you need some glue or apps programmed to join systems together?  Or perhaps a simple data entry application for field use or fast in-house lookup of data?
  • Are you starting with Azure or want to understand it better?
  • Perhaps you are already using Azure and your costs are blowing out and you need some help?
  • Do you have problems with one or more of your databases or database servers?   Looking at migrating these to a better home?
  • Do you want to replicate or backup particular services, data or system to a cloud provider?
  • Do you want to Migrate Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012 to Azure?

Whatever you need, we are happy to discuss with you and have an online or phone chat at a time thats convenient for you