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We take the headache out of hosting and make you guys look good.

Complex hosting issues such as CPU, DDOS, etc (even on dedicated servers) can bring sites down for long periods and waste a heap of time for everybody concerned.  Often web developers can’t charge the client for this time or business suffer greatly and people are made to look bad.

We specialise in WordPress, DOT NET & PHP hosting, but we can also host Joomla,  C#, Python and even cold fusion!  or almost any CMS or language you need.   We can also help you migrate a website from another host to our services.

Benefits of Managed Hosting

Here are some benefits of managed hosting rather than a self managed solution or shared hosting platform with very limited support.

  • You can call on someone and get a hosting issue fixed right away
  • If you need help when there is a tricky issue we will go above and beyond to help you find the source of the problem.
  • We understand the nuances of hosting such as file permissions, caching, SSL, DNS, CPU issues, memory settings, incompatible plugins
  • Daily backups for 6 months!
  • Support Anytime, Every time when there is a hosting issue
  • We understand SSL
  • Password resets for common CMS platforms