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If you are a web developer looking after some clients,  then check out our services to support your clients. We can supplement and assist your business with hosting that fills in the missing gaps or adds significant capability to your offering. These services are at wholesale rates and can be uncharged by you, giving your customers peace of mind.

Web developers love us because we make them look good in front of their customers.  When there is an difficult technical issue, problems are resolved quickly and efficiently and the cause of the issue is tracked down.  The site keeps running and development can continue.

With large shared hosting providers,  when a site is hacked, there are spamming issues, or a is a cpu load problem,  sites are often shut down without warning.   We don’t do that unless its a last resort.  We can usually mitigate the problem and then contact you to discuss long term solutions without the site being down.

If you are running a dedicated server, you are probably still having to deal with difficult IT problems such as server upgrades, maintaining backups, dealing with space issues, quotas, etc.  Perhaps its time to focus on building amazing websites and leave all these problems to someone else to take care of.