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We help web developers take the headache and wasted time out of hosting. We make you guys look great.

We notice that its common for developers to either host their customers websites and charge their customers or ask customers to choose a hosting provider and pay these companies directly.  Often neither option is very satisfactory.  You guys often get involved either way and dont make much money on this side of your business but end up wasting a heap of time and dealing with stress when websites are down at inconvenient times.

Complex hosting issues such as CPU, DDOS, etc (even on dedicated servers) can bring customers down for long periods and waste a heap of time for everybody concerned.  Often web developers can’t charge the client for this time.

We host WordPress, Joomla, PHP, C#, Python, DOT NET,  or almost any CMS or language you need.   We can also help you migrate a website from another host to our services.

We can host very complex or high trafficked sites.  We have done this for small business and the The Australian Government for 15 Years. We go above and beyond to resolve urgent issue, sometimes even looking at code, file permissions, plugins,  .htaccess files, log files, php versions, etc.

We get to know you and your business so you dont have to waste time in phone queues or waiting days for tickets to be answers.  You won’t have to explain everything from scratch every time either.

Web developers love us for this reason.  When there is a difficult technical issue, problems are resolved quickly and efficiently and the cause of the issue is tracked down.  The site keeps running and development can continue.

With large shared hosting providers,  when a site is hacked, there are spamming issues, or a is a cpu load problem,  sites are often shut down without warning.   We do not do this. We can usually mitigate the problem and then contact you to discuss long term solutions without the site being down.

If you are running a dedicated server, you are probably still having to deal with difficult IT problems such as server upgrades, maintaining backups, dealing with space issues, quotas, etc.  Perhaps its time to focus on building amazing websites and leave all these problems to someone else to take care of?

We hope you can have a no obligation chat with us soon and see if we can work to mutual benefit.