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Henge Systems can simplify disaster recovery protection by replicating to other cloud systems and still let you take advantage from simple, automatous, custom recovery plans, health check ups, and use collected recovery the service provides. One of the major issues in Disaster recovery is setting up and monitoring a second mirrored site, let us set this up for you so you don’t ever have to worry or think about it again.
The Power of backing up to the cloud.”

The Power of backing up to the cloud.

The central hub of any organisation is data and backing up this data and is a critical and essential part of any business. Henge Systems provides a scalable solution with little to nil capital investment and negligible operational expense.

Backup your data seamlessly.

Your data and applications are remote and decentralised – on, Clients, Servers and in the Cloud. Henge Systems can protect your applications including SharePoint, Exchange & SQL; Folders & Files, Variety of Server types, Windows & OSX Clients and IaaS VMs.

Reliable, Safe & Secure

Your backup data is secure in transmission and on storage. The backup data is stored in geo-replicated storage (Azure or AWS), which maintains 6-10 copies of your data across two datacentres. With 99.99% service availability, Henge Systems provides an effective peace of mind. Migration, syncing, and optimally managing terabytes of data in the cloud require innovation and new technology. Our technology enables moving data seamlessly and easily to the cloud. The new technology that can address all these issues is data virtualisation software.