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No Need for physical phone system cabinets (PABX).

All that is required is phone handsets plugged into a network cable.

We do all the complex programming at our end.

1. Cloud Phone Systems Cost Less

No big upfront payments or investments in cabinet installations or upgrades

No annual maintenance fees for onsite equipment.

No contracts

2. Cloud Phones Offer Rich Features

  • Special customisation that few other companies offer such as  caller name popups, contract playback and recording, customised billing,
  • Voicemail to email
  • After hours messages
  • Many phones can ring at once for an inbound call (even a mobile)
  • Menu systems (with voice recognition)
  • Free calls between sites/offices
  • So much more than we can list here.

3. Cloud Phone Systems Are Flexible

Cloud phone system benefits businesses with access to the latest voice features without any hardware updates.

Whether your business is growing or downsizing, a cloud service will provide the flexibility the business needs today and also for future growth.

4. Cloud Based Phone Services Are Easily Scaled

Add handsets within minutes or move office easily without complex rewiring or downtime.

5. Mobility Apps & Remote Work

  • Softphones on smartpones or desktops
  • Calls can be routed to mobiles or movies made part of ring groups
  • Voicemail to email.

6. The complexity is all at our end, taking that burden away from you.

Your business IT department will have many things to focus on, without adding phone system maintenance to their work load. We manage complex programming at our end, deal with any call routing issues, upstream provider issues, etc. Your IT department will be free to focus on issues that have higher priority.

Have a chat with us today and ask how we can work with you to start a no-obligation trial so you can see these benefits yourself.