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Computer Matching

Henge Systems provides a computer based preference matching service.   This service is delivered via a web page and allows organisations to efficiently match potential candidates to employment positions.

– The organisations enter the number of available positions.
– The candidates rank the organisations they would like to work for.
– The organisations rank the candidates.

The preference matching system then efficiently allocates the candidates to available positions, initially attempting to give candidates their first preference.  If their first preference is not possible (i.e. the organisation did not include that candidate or all their places have already been filled), the system then goes through the same process for second preferences and so on.

This is a fair and impartial allocation system that ensures organisations get the most suitable candidates and no extras because the matching system will stop once an organisations nominated quota is filled.

This software has been used by The Post Graduate Medical Council of Victoria for over 7 years.  It has matched approximately 50,000 doctors and nurses to positions in all the hospitals in Victoria over this period. There are currently 7 intake programs throughout the year for different specialties. The system has worked very reliably and well.

We have adapted the system to meet various needs over the years and have increased its functions and capability.

The software modules on which the system is built allow flexibility and the possibility to customise for a particular industry.